Personal Learning Networks 07/16/2012

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Personal Learning Networks

            PLN’s also know as Personal Learning Network are used by all kinds for people to share information and ask questions.  Some people that access these forums include: students, educators, and professionals in the field. Some examples of the more popular PLN’s are Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs provide people the ease of commutating.  Thus, blogs connect people around the world that may have had the same problem, and are able to provide a solution that maybe helpful and or easier. It may also be use as a way to learn about new things that are coming with changing technologies in the industry.  The way this reference tool will benefit me is by providing me access to the latest on the always-changing career field of Web Design and Interactive Media. It connects me with other students and also professionals that can help me in my studies. The way this information is gained is with websites, blogs, and other people’s experience. If you have the same question at another blogger has, then we can both reference the articles and list our point of view which maybe different. It is also a good idea to ask questions, I feel it is a great way to retain information if you teach someone. The way it affects me is; by letting me see in another point of view and also learn new ways of looking at things. I will also be able to provide ideas and be inspired by others creativity.


  1. ash says:

    I agree that PLEs are a good way to keep in touch with the vastly changing field of web design. It’s a good way to learn new information from another professional’s perspective as well as teach others on your experiences. I hadn’t throught about it helping with inspiration or creativity but I now see how viewing what other professionals in your field are doing can help boost motivation and reativity. There are many times when I read or see something that makes me think, “how can I do that so it works with my needs?”

    • spiderb says:

      Reading other people’s perspectives on a same issue can bring forth completely new and insightful points. From a creative perspective, it is wonderful to be able to see what other individuals are coming up with. Just viewing some of these blogs, has opened my eyes to how aesthetically plain my blog home looks! Perhaps I too will soon get inspired.

  2. We share the same thoughts about how PLN’s are universal and excellent tools for connecting with others. Not only are the useful to network with others, they can also be quite enjoyable as they populate most of our favorite websites and tools. Being able to share and reflect with others on media such as blogs is a great way to take your knowledge in PLN’s farther.

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